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China abre CNTV, primera Televisión Internet Nacional 中国网络电视台
CCTV lanza nuevo canal de televisión por Internet

Internet TV China – 中国网络电视台
Ver 视频: 联想携手CNTV开创2011网络春晚新篇章


China Central Television has launched a national Internet television service with the domain name of Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, attended the ceremony. CNTV offers five major types of programs. They are news, sports, entertainment, and two online video products named “bugu” and “xiyou”. “Xiyou” serves as a community where users share their uploaded videos. “Bugu” provides video services including live online broadcasts, video on demand, and 24-7 replays.

Video de CNTV 2011 en Youku (Chino Mandarín)

Wired indica que Lenovo, gran manufacturero de PC en China, lanzará este verano el Android Tablet.


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